My inspiration comes from my mom's home cooking. She taught me how to make everything taste special. Everything that we make is with that in mind. We strive to bring you home gourmet cooking to your table.

Our mission is to bring to you gourmet dishes made with all organic ingredients and spices that are prepared according to the highest quality standards. We are taking dishes some you already know and some we will introduce to in brand new interpretation. Exciting and original!!

The cranberries that we are using are both kosher, and gluten free. 

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Organic Cranberry Sauce

Cranberries are both kosher and gluten free. Our cranberry sauce is so flavorful that we didn't to call cranberry sauce because it can be use to compliment so many dishes, from meats to just toast or cereal. You can even put in yogurt. It the perfect between tart and sweet with a blending of spices to make your taste buds come alive. For someone with a discriminating palate you will be able to detect our perfect blend of spices which sets it apart from anything else being offered. This cranberry "sauce" is definitely not only for Thanksgiving dinner! This is a gourmet product. A lot of time and work has gone into making the best tasting culinary experience that you can have. It is intended to enhance any dish. It is intended for those individuals with a educated palate. It's worth it!! 

  • Peter's Gourmet Organic Food Company - organic food
    Peter's Organic Cranberry Sauce - 10 oz
    $10.99 (+ $7.50 shipping) - Discounts available for multiple jars

    A jar of 10 oz. organic gourmet cranberry sauce made with all organic ingredients and spices.

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    Peter's Organic Cranberry Sauce - 6 oz
    $6.99 (+ $7.50 shipping)

    A jar of 6 oz. organic gourmet cranberry sauce made with all organic ingredients and spices. 

The same commitment and dedication to excellence that led us to compete in two Olympic Games we are bringing to everything that we do at our company and everything that we offer you.

What our customers say
What some recent customers say about their Peter's Gourmet Organic Cranberry Sauce

5 Stars!

Piquant, sharp, complex... adds thrilling dimensions to this condiment. Rather than just smearing 'jam' all over your  turkey you can now actually add flavor elements which combine with the turkey and deliver more than the sum of its parts. 

Becoming a return, and return again customer. 

George Gonzalez-Rivas

5 Stars! Just as described, arrived quickly. Thank you!

Jennifer White

I just love the cranberry sauce, we put it everything from go along with meats, to toast and cereal. I can't wait to get more.

Peter Westbrook

I love the sauce with almost everything. I am getting addicted to the addicted to the sauce, figuratively speaking. I can't wait to get more. 

Elvira Estrella
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